eurotopia transnational Conference
on the plan for a European Constitution

1st June 2002 in St. Ursanne (Switzerland)

What eurotopia began to campaign for ten years ago - a constitution for the EU - is today the project of a new European institution created specifically for the purpose: the European Convention on the Future of Europe. Since the end of February this year, 105 representatives of the 15 national parliaments and governments of the EU member states, of the European Parliament and EU Commission, as well as parliamentarians and representatives of the 13 EU candidate countries, have been discussing the meaning, purpose, content and possible route to a European constitution.

We want to hold this year's plenary meeting (our 22nd since 1991) on Saturday 1st June in St. Ursanne, not far from Basle, where we will exchange information on the latest state of the debate within and outside of the Convention, try to reach an understanding of its prospects and pitfalls (including its ambivalence on key issues) and ask ourselves what we - as radical European democrats - can do and how we can contribute towards the creation of a European constitution with direct-democratic elements worthy of the name and capable of realising its potential for European integration.

We will meet at 10.45 am in the library of the «Atelier pour la Démocratie Directe» on the 1st floor of 16 Ruelle in the smart old town area of St. Ursanne. We will continue our discussions until about 14.00, after which we will share a meal together. Be prepared for the possible visit of a surprise guest who is closely involved with the Convention!

The invitation to this conference goes to all who are striving for a more democratic and federalistic Europe; who want to strengthen European democracy, learn more about it and are ready to get involved in helping to bring it about.

St. Ursanne is 1 hour by train from Basle Modestly-pricedhotel accommodation is available. Fredi Krebs (tel: +41-79-5432345) can help you with practical questions. This eurotopia conference happens to fall on a weekend when there are national, regional and local referendums, offering a perfect opportunity for studying how Initiative and Referendum actually works in Switzerland.


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